Monday, April 30, 2012


Last week we went to Big Sur on the Coast of California. We were excited because I went to Santa Barbara earlier in the week and we bought a new baby carrier backpack. It was a pretty penny but I think it is totally worth it because I plan on using it a lot this summer. Check it out I think he likes it.

We really got the idea to go to Big Sur from when we went to Hearst Castle (this is a link). We thought it was really pretty there and we wanted to see more of the coast. Also I was hurting to go on a hike and get Taylor out and have some fun. I saw this picture of this waterfall when we were at Hearst Castle and I was able to find out where it was, its called McWay Falls. I was right off the highway so it was really easy to get to.

Next we drove up the road to Pfieffer Big Sur State park. I was pissed when I found out the one of the trails that we wanted to hike was closed from a fire from 2008. YOU KIDDING ME!!! Anyways the trail that I most wanted to see was open so we hiked. It has redwood trees and a waterfall.

Easter weekend we went to Hearst Castle and then on Easter we went to church and then to the beach. This lil guy LOVES the beach. It is so sweet!

This lil guy also loves sand.. in his mouth.. in his hands and to throw it everywhere.

Taylor Loved his Easter basket. He got a book and food and treats and most of all the Easter grass in the basket.

Two weekends ago we went to sea world and Disney. He loves animals and had a great time watching the Whale show.

I didn't get very many Disney pictures but we did get this one. He loved the rides and holding on to the bar in the rides.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Walking...Terrified

So Taylor decided he really wanted to walk and stand now that he has crawling forward checked off his list. The only problem is...

Walking takes a lot of practice and a lot of falls and he is now happy and terrified about the whole "walking deal" (This video was for my sister Rach)

I swear.. I am a good parent but I laugh a lot at this cute little muffin.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jalama Beach

This was a truly beautiful day however we didn't make it to the Jalama beach just yet.. Parking was 10 bucks and it was the close of day.. this will be a beach we will hit up many times we are here I am sure. Here are some pretty pictures.. awwwww perfect lighting.

Fun times in So Cal

Hey everyone!
We have been in So Cal for a week and a half already and it has been great! Taylor can crawl forward and he is eating tons on solids. We have Skyped with both grandparents and Taylor loved doing that.Here are some events over the last few days.

We left Utah and took Taylor to In and Out for the first time. I think it is safe to say he loved it.

After that we headed to Vegas for the night. We stayed in the Hilton and had pizza for dinner... Side note. I never will want to eat out again after this trip.
Taylor and I hung out like this most of the trip down b/c we was feeling a bit lonely in the back seat by himself.

Here are my cute boys again in the morning at McDonald's.

He is a cute lil stink.

This is the first hing we saw when we walked into our new home here in Lompoc....

Wade and I are training for the Ragnar again so we went to the park and took turns running and then playing with our boy.

Taylor discovered that grass apparently tastes good.

Over the weekend we went to a little Danish town called Solvang, Ca

The last two pictures were taken 3 mins apart.
After Solvang we headed to Santa Barbara to buy a running stroller

Saturday we went to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. It was really windy in Palm beach but we went for a little stroll down the beach. We then went to Rib Line BBQ. We saw it on Man Vs Food and it was SO good. The best BBQ I have ever had. The tri tip was tender and juicy and the ribs were meaty and delish.

New developments:
Sleeping with his arms out- He isn't doing this constantly but he likes it now so about half the time he wants to be swaddled and the other half he just wants his arms out.

Second development: I mentioned this earlier but he is crawling forward... with some coaxing, He loves this blanket we bought and so we are enticing him with it.

That is all for now. TTYL!