Monday, April 30, 2012


Last week we went to Big Sur on the Coast of California. We were excited because I went to Santa Barbara earlier in the week and we bought a new baby carrier backpack. It was a pretty penny but I think it is totally worth it because I plan on using it a lot this summer. Check it out I think he likes it.

We really got the idea to go to Big Sur from when we went to Hearst Castle (this is a link). We thought it was really pretty there and we wanted to see more of the coast. Also I was hurting to go on a hike and get Taylor out and have some fun. I saw this picture of this waterfall when we were at Hearst Castle and I was able to find out where it was, its called McWay Falls. I was right off the highway so it was really easy to get to.

Next we drove up the road to Pfieffer Big Sur State park. I was pissed when I found out the one of the trails that we wanted to hike was closed from a fire from 2008. YOU KIDDING ME!!! Anyways the trail that I most wanted to see was open so we hiked. It has redwood trees and a waterfall.

Easter weekend we went to Hearst Castle and then on Easter we went to church and then to the beach. This lil guy LOVES the beach. It is so sweet!

This lil guy also loves sand.. in his mouth.. in his hands and to throw it everywhere.

Taylor Loved his Easter basket. He got a book and food and treats and most of all the Easter grass in the basket.

Two weekends ago we went to sea world and Disney. He loves animals and had a great time watching the Whale show.

I didn't get very many Disney pictures but we did get this one. He loved the rides and holding on to the bar in the rides.

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